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I am Professional Dominatrix
Mistress Lola Ruin.

Glamorous, educated, feminine and sophisticated…
To My slaves, I am the epitome of the femme fatale. 

As your Mistress, I am both your trainer and your guide, as W/we delve together further into the dark arts of BDSM, Kink and Fetish.

More About Me


I love to engage in many different aspects of
D/s, BDSM, Fetish, Domination and Kinky Play.

My passion for BDSM comes from the Exchange of Power, which naturally lends itself to many different fetishes within Kink Play.

My Likes & Dislikes


Whilst a gift is not mandatory,
I know that many generous slaves like to spoil their Goddess.

Donate to one of My favourite charities, send Me a voucher or get some inspiration for gifts to bring Me in person.

View My Wishlist


Whilst a gift is not mandatory,
I know that many generous slaves like to spoil their Goddess.

Donate to one of My favourite charities, send Me a voucher or get some inspiration for gifts to bring Me in person.

View My Wishlist


Mistress took my brief roleplay
outline and gave it all her own
unique twist. I feel privileged to
have been able to serve Mistress
Lola and to have been able to
share such a fantastic experience
with her.

I have known and worshipped
Mistress Lola Ruin for 3 years.  
She has improved my world
and my outlook on life beyond
measure and in every
encounter, she is the very
definition of perfection.

After my recent first visit to Mistress Lola, 
I can say without a doubt, that this
was the best experience I have ever had
with a Mistress. Considering the relatively
short time I know her, I can definitely
say that the impression she has left on
me is like nothing I have ever had before.

She looks so sweet and innocent
but dare to look into Her enchanting
eyes and you will be forever under
Her spell. She looks straight into
your soul and knows instantly
what you need, despite what
you might think you want!

My slave training has been thorough
and immensely enjoyable, I have
learnt so very much, Mistress Lola
continuously continues to stretch
my limits and boundaries and has
vastly developed me to new levels
like no Mistress has ever done before.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Your tribute?

My rates are in line with standard tributes for Professional Dominatrixes, however certain activities (such as filming for your personal use, sploshing, etc) do require an additional tribute.

To be given an accurate tribute, fill in the Slave Application Form, giving full details.

What is Your booking procedure?

My same day sessions have a different procedure, so if you are interested in a same day session, check the question pertaining to that opposite.

My booking procedure for sessions booked in advance is as follows...

  • You submit your Slave Application form, filling in all relevant details

  • Assuming your interests match Mine, I will reply to you via email with My thoughts on your application and to confirm My availability

  • Once W/we have agreed to set a date/time for your session, I will send you a some further information on My session etiquette.

  • I will ask you to call at a certain time on the day of your session to confirm. You may call Me before then to discuss your session, however email is generally best.

What happens when I arrive?

Once you arrive at My chambers, I will show you into whichever room you requested or suits your fantasies best. I will offer you a drink and W/we will have an informal chat to establish your likes/dislikes and hard limits. The more information you can give Me during this consultation chat the better. This allows U/us to both fully enjoy the session from start to finish without any stop-starts. 

I will then give you further instructions on how to prepare yourself for your session, and then leave you alone for a few minutes. Once I re-enter the room your 'play' begins, and lasts for however long you have booked for (when planning your day, I would recommend adding 30 minutes to however many hours you have booked for. This gives U/us ample time to chat and refresh, and ensures W/we are not rushed).

After your session has finished, you will be offered the chance to have a shower or have another drink if you wish. W/we will also have another informal chat, where you are welcome to give Me any feedback you have about how the session went for you. Both positive and negative feedback is appreciated, and helps Me learn more about your likes/dislikes. As with your consultation, the more information you can give Me the better any future sessions with Me will be!

Do You ever come to London?

I do occasionally visit London, however I by no means have a regular touring schedule.

Should you wish to be notified of any London Dates, the best thing to do is to Subscribe to My Mailing List, or keep a close eye on My Twitter and Blog for any announcements.

If you simply cannot wait, I am open to offers from generous slaves who wish to fund a London Tour. to discuss.

Can I bring you to my city?

I am happy to consider offers from generous slaves whom wish to arrange for Me to visit their city specifically to session with them. You can find further details of the tribute required in the answer to 'Do you offer outcall sessions?' in the next FAQ section.

I will also consider offers to travel internationally. Email Me to discuss further

When are You usually available?

My schedule for the next 2 months can be seen on My Calendar.

Sessions at other times are only occasionally available, and require at least 3 working days notice and a non-refundable deposit paid in advance in order to secure.

Do You offer same day bookings?

I can offer same day bookings on any of the days I am showing as available on My Calendar. Although many slaves believe I live in the chambers, the truth is that I travel in for My sessions. Whilst I am happy to offer same day sessions, I do have some stipulations. If you wish to try and arrange a same day session, the booking procedure is as follows.

  • After checking My Calendar, you call Me on 07494 793 869 to book. All same day sessions must be made prior to 12.00 midday. 

  • You send a small non-refundable deposit (either bank transfer or giftcard) which will be deducted from your final session tribute

  • Ideally I would also like you to fill out My Slave Application form, which gives Me all the information I need in order to fully prepare for your session

Do You offer late evening sessions?

I am often available to serve until 21.30. To double check My availability, refer to My Calendar. If you are looking for a late session on another evening, I will need at least 3 working days notice and a non-refundable deposit in order to secure this for you.

Do you session over the weekend?

I usually spend My weekend with friends and family, however I can occasionally accommodate requests for weekend sessions. The more notice you can give Me the better, and all weekend sessions will need a non-refundable deposit in order to secure. 

How much notice do You need?

For same day sessions, all bookings must be made before 12.00 midday.

For advance bookings, I need at least 24 hours notice, however, I would generally advise contacting Me at least a few days prior to your preferred date. The more notice you give Me the more likely you will be in securing your session with Me.

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Are you ready to begin your devotion?

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Book your Session

Are you ready to begin your devotion?

Apply To Serve

Manchester Mistress Lola Ruin • Professional Dominatrix