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Submitted September 2018

My first session with Mistress Lola Ruin was incredible (and I say that having sessioned with literally dozens of different Mistresses over the 20 years that I’ve been playing). If you’re reading this, then you must already know how beautiful Mistress Lola is: she is extraordinarily beautiful in the flesh. Everything about Mistress Lola pushed my buttons: her amazing voice, the way she moves, the powerful aura of Dominance that seems to surround her, and her exceptional role-playing skills...I could go on. It was obvious that Mistress Lola had put a great deal of thought into the session: she had listened to all of my requests and suggestions, but added her own unique twists which made the session the best I have ever had. From the moment Mistress Lola entered the room, to the moment the session finished, i was happily lost deep in my submissive sissy fantasies. Mistress Lola is a consummate professional who clearly loves her work and is a genuine expert in her field. The session was incredible, and I can’t wait for the next one. I can’t recommend Mistress Lola highly enough: book now! 

Submitted August 2018

When planning my trip to Manchester, I browsed the websites of several Mistresses, but when I came across the website of Mistress Lola Ruin, I knew immediately that I had found my perfect Mistress. To me, BDSM is mainly about the mental play, and it was clear from Mistress' website that she has the same approach to the game. I got the impression that she genuinely enjoys to torment her slaves, and fuck with their minds, so I booked a session right away.
Mistress looks stunning in the photos online, but I was very happy when we finally met, and she turned out to be even more gorgeous! I had given her a wish list for the session, but I also wanted her to put her own twist to it. And she did! I was told to keep track of how many edgings I got, but there were so many, and they came so close, I didn't have a chance! It must have been about 20, but I don't know for sure. However, what I managed to keep track of was the number of ruined orgasms: 3! Three times she got me so close to a proper orgasm that a few drops dribbled out! It's impossible to explain how frustrating this feels, but on the other hand, it was very clear that Mistress enjoyed this very much!
I always thought that heaven and hell were two very different places. But I was wrong. Both places can be found, seamlessly interwoven, inside the chambers of Mistress Lola Ruin.

Submitted August 2018

I became aware of Mistress on Twitter. Her excellent web site had some very insightful blogs and I identified with her philosophy on BDSM. The emphasis was on exchange of power and her areas of interest matched what I wanted to experience. I requested a session and was delighted when she accepted. I have been aware of my kinky side from an early age but had not experienced anything more than mild play. I was therefore unsure how I would handle visiting the chambers of a professional dominatrix.

There was nothing at all intimidating as I made my way to our meeting. I found the chambers to be discretely located with a very private entrance. Upon entering I was quickly introduced to Mistress. She is a petite beautiful lady, friendly and obviously well educated. I was invited to sit down, and Mistress asked me to discuss I wanted from the session. It was very relaxed and she took a genuine interest in my fantasies and fetish needs. I realised that I had already taken a small step to submission as I was seated below Mistress looking up at her. She already had an aura of control and domination. Mistress guided me on the rules of how to play safely and consensually. My doubts about crossing into the fetish world quickly disappeared.

I was instructed to remove my clothing and kneel in preparation for Mistress entering the room. This order for obedience was itself arousing. It ticked the exchange of power box that I craved. As Mistress entered she walked behind me, her heels tapping on the hard floor. I momentarily raised my head to see a glimpse of her beautiful stocking clad legs at which time I was chastised and ordered to direct my gaze to the floor. I quickly obeyed and was rewarded with an instruction to kiss each of her feet. I was then ordered to worship each stocking clad foot as Mistress sat and directed me. This was my first chance to see all of Mistress in her tight latex outfit and she looked beyond perfection.

Mistress then proceeded to break me in like her new toy. She teased and controlled me demanding my obedience and respect. I was punished sadistically and sensually as Mistress probed my limits. Her eyes sparkled as she applied her toys expertly edging me. As the session progressed Mistress calmly asserted her ownership of me and I gladly submitted. I was ordered to her bench. I was restrained and lube applied. Pain was accompanied by reward as she administered an expert milking. As a toy was inserted, I embraced the pain and pressed myself back, onto it. Mistress was pleased and declared me to be her slut. I was then ordered to come. It took a few seconds for my brain to understand that I had been given permission. Mistress milked me vigorously and I released on to the hard stone floor. My balls were drained of every last drop.

The session was more than I hoped for. It was a cathartic experience which was the realisation of a long suppressed fantasy. Mistress is a fantastic dominatrix. Her body is strong, flexible and athletic which she uses to full effect in her sessions. It was a very intense experience where Mistress asserted complete control. All that happens is fully consensual, and Mistress ensures this by employing simple but effective verbal codes. I hardly needed to use this as Mistress is very intuitive and reads your reactions as the session progresses. Visually she is simply stunning and her outfits accentuate her dominant beauty.

I have now had two sessions and eagerly await a third!

Submitted August 2018

I've so far been blessed with everything I could reasonably ask for in life, but since my teens I've craved something more than the vanilla. I've always been "kinky" and travelled to see Mistress Lola Ruin with a desire to find new experiences, push boundaries and explore a more submissive side, which I've long suspected was there.

With some apprehension I arrived at Mistress Lola's discrete chambers where She greeted me warmly at the door and showed me inside. My first impressions? I thought She was beautiful. I adore petite Women and Mistress Lola is stunning. She also exudes a classy sensuality that is mesmerising and disarming in equal measure. I'm usually confident, but in those first minutes, with Her almond eyes piercing mine, I unravelled and clumsily sat where She would sit, rather than the lower bench below. Mistress promptly corrected my error and flashed a beguiling smile which engaged me instantly. Within seconds She had eased my nerves and asserted Her dominance. It's fair to say that I warmed to her from the start and knew that I would ask to see Her again.

So, two sessions into my journey and W/we've only begun to scratch the surface. Mistress instills in me complete trust, as she patiently initiates me into Her world. I've been teased, edged, sounded and frustrated. A mixture of new experiences and some I've enjoyed or experimented with before. But they're so much better with Her in control. At Her hand I've felt deference and pleasure, but also something unexpected. A sweet inner sigh of acceptance, that my mind and body belong to my Mistress. In O/our recent session Mistress introduced me to latex and worship and did so in such a way that I experienced something so overpowering and frustrating it left me speechless, on my hands and knees. I've never felt such intense desire. She fascinates and impassions me. My respect for Her is absolute and the trust She instils makes it easy to submit my body and mind for Her pleasure without a thought.

I realised, quite quickly, that I'm extremely fortunate to be allowed to spend time with Mistress Lola. O/our interests seem to align and although I know Her experience vastly outstrips mine, I'm very happy to have taken my first steps with Her. I'm Her blank canvas and such is my desire to please Her that I will be shaped into whatever She desires me to become.

I enjoy existing solely for Her entertainment and pleasure, which is quite a turnaround from my mindset of just a few months ago. Usually quite assertive, I can let go and serve and that's proving to be a beautiful thing to do. The plan W/we have for O/our next session is in my mind the next logical step on the journey. She will take from me something no one will be able to take again. I'm excited and apprehensive, but I already know I will never look back. She has changed me already.

Submitted August 2018

For 5 years, I have served and worshipped Mistress Lola. During this time, she has become so important to me and helped me so much. She is so beautiful and the perfect Mistress. She knows exactly what I want, need and deserve. If I listed my top ten experiences in life, they would all feature Mistress Lola. Thank you. xxx

Submitted July 2018

I think it says it all that what Mistress did to me and had me experience on that Saturday evening has eclipsed any other experience I've had before and it's shocked me that She did it with such apparent ease. I feel an early trust in Her and genuinely want to be led by Her into Her world. Mistress treated me to an onslaught of such pleasurably uncomfortable experiences and surprised me right from the start when She instructed me to kiss Your feet. Not because She did so, but because I felt a surge of excitement as I did it. I've never considered myself a foot person. Maybe it was being on the floor at Her feet, the closeness of Her beautiful legs, or just the feeling of subservience if gave me. 
I adored frustrating myself while She watched over my shoulder; a long held fantasy of mine. Her words in my ears, Her hair on my neck and shoulders, feeling Her body press against my back and Her nails tracing over me. It was mind blowing. Mistress also said "good boy" a lot, which is a huge trigger for me and can easily bring me to an edge (and over it). I get a rush of excitement when I think back to Her saying it. 
I was surprised at how different edging was with Mistress, compared to edging myself at home. I found it harder to maintain it, less sure of where the edge was and was surprised when I tipped over and orgasmed. I'd like to try to edge more for Mistress next time, hopefully without ruining my own orgasm. Although looking back at it (and remembering how She laughed) it excites me that She was too much for me to handle. I really hope that I can control myself better next time and please Her sufficiently that She will allow me to enjoy an unspoiled orgasm in O/our next session.

Submitted April 2018

I had followed Mistress Lola Ruin on Twitter for a while, and had frequently visited her website. I greatly admired her natural beauty and athletic physique, something that could be seen clearly in the photos. I finally plucked up the courage to take my pursuits one step further, and arranged a real life session. I organised a meeting at her chambers, which are discretely situated in south east Manchester. On arrival, I was greeted by a extremely beautiful and articulate young lady, dressed in smart casual clothes. This lady, was indeed out of role Mistress Lola. She took me up to one of the many varied play rooms at the establishment.

Mistress Lola began explaining the basics of the sessions, and asked if I had any particular activities in mind. This informal and relaxing chat was accompanied by the offer of a drink. On this occasion I asked for some water, whereupon she left the room briefly, only to return with a glass of refreshingly cool water. Once the pre-session conversation had finished, she instructed me to undress, and prepare for the beginning of our session. When she left the room, I began wondering what was in store for me, a complete novice in this area. However, I felt reassured, as we had talked about this before she had left the room.

I knelt on the floor anticipating her entrance. Suddenly, I heard the tapping of heels coming down the corridor adjacent to the playroom. Gradually, the noise got louder, then stopped just outside the playroom door. By now my heart was thumping hard inside my chest with excited anticipation. When the door slowly opened, the pleasant state of shock on my face must have been a picture. In front of my completely naked and vulnerable body, was a vision one could only dream about. Mistress Lola stood there in a tight, figure hugging black latex body, with black tights and shiny knee length leather boots.

She was unrecognisable from the young lady who had left the room moments earlier, for now I was at the feet of a Goddess. During the next hour and a half I was completely at her mercy, and yet felt strangely relaxed. Yes, I experienced moments of pain, but they were accompanied by heightened moments of pleasure. Mistress Lola was in total control of both my body and mind. I was teased whilst in tight bondage, while she smothered my face with her perfectly formed bottom. I writhed helplessly, against the leather cuffs, as she introduced me to the pleasures of the strapon entering my person.

The session ended with an exercise in self control as my manhood was brought to the edge of climax, only to be denied several times by this sensually cruel mistress. Once it had been mutually agreed that our play session was over, Mistress Lola disappeared out of the room. The young lady that returned was the one who had let me in hours before. However, I did recognise the eyes of a Goddess in her gaze. We discussed the previous session at length, and Mistress Lola was particularly keen to warn me of the ‘sub drop’ that might occur as a result of our session. This client centred attention was yet another feature of Mistress Lola that I found reassuring. Not only is Mistress Lola a truly beautiful and highly skilled professional, but she genuinely cares about the welfare of her clients.

Mistress Lola is rapidly becoming known as a leading and high profile Dominatrix, not only in Manchester where she is based but further afield, thanks to visits to London and even occasional forays to North Wales. Naturally dominant and a true fetishist, Mistress Lola has formidable gifts to bring to her vocation as a Dominatrix. Intellect, (University educated ) allied with a fertile and deliciously kinky imagination in combination with an intuitive and fundamentally caring approach result in a fusion yield of perverted play in the megaton range. Her warmth, approach-ability and empathy make it easy for anyone, no matter how uncertain and timorous to confide their most secret, shameful and deeply suppressed needs and - I speak from experience, - when Mistress Lola smiles her special wicked smile, rest assured, those secret needs will be turned into a wild rollercoaster ride of incandescent and intense reality.


It's obvious that Mistress Lola truly loves her work, whether your preference is for simple and traditional "restraint and flagellation" style BDSM or, you hanker for complex psychological "power exchange" scenes or elaborate role plays, you can be certain your needs will be more than satisfied and your expectations exceeded...

Mistress Lola is a true goddess and delightfully evil. She looks so sweet and innocent but dare to look into Her enchanting eyes and you will be forever under Her spell. She looks straight into your soul and knows instantly what you need, despite what you might think you want! This really is a true talent and not one that many other Mistresses posses (with the exception of her partner in punishment Miss Foxx who was kind enough to briefly join my session to dish out the further punishment that I deserved). I had been searching for a Mistress that I could visit regularly and know that I have found that with Mistress Lola. 


I asked for a good old spanking and CP session and that's what I got and also more - what I needed without even knowing it. She turned my ass crimson with ease before binding me tightly and giving me a cock whipping - each flinch of mine punished by a harder stroke.  Some incredible Face Slapping followed before our session ended well over time and with me on a natural high that I have not experienced before. I could feel the sting for days and each time I did I was right back in Mistress's lair awaiting the next stroke...

Mistress Lola is an expert in getting into the mental psyche of Her slaves and creates the most absolutely extraordinary role-play scenarios. Mistress Lola is exceptionally beautiful, tremendously intelligent and marvellously inventive and continually thinks of new ideas and activities to explore during sessions, Mistress Lola is a truly World Class dominatrix! The time since my first session honestly has been the happiest and most joyful period of my life I just can’t stop smiling. My slave training has been thorough and immensely enjoyable, I have learnt so very much, Mistress Lola continuously continues to stretch my limits and boundaries and has vastly developed me to new levels like no Mistress has ever done before.


Mistress Lola has nurtured and helped me to find my inner slave, I feel like I have finally found myself, found peace, found happiness and found my purpose and for this I honestly am eternally grateful. I know that I have found someone so incredibly special the perfect Mistress in every way possible, Mistress Lola is a wonderful person, an absolute joy and so much fun to serve. Mistress Lola totally loves what She does, this shines through and is clearly evident in every single session. You will immediately come realise all of the above if you are ever lucky enough to serve this absolutely divine Goddess, even by just talking to Mistress you will instantly realise just how very special She is.

I have long been trying to bring a fantasy of mine to life. For many reasons, it was very difficult to find the right Mistress to help me with this. Lack of interest, trust issues, reliability, you name it. But I am now delighted to say that after contacting Mistress Lola, this has become reality…and better than I could ever imagine. I always wanted to appear in my own little fetish-themed movie, a fantasy script brought to life. As I am a very private person, I had no desire to make this available for the public, but wanted it to get done for my own personal use only. Well, as Mistress Lola states on her website, she now offers this kind of service and it is indeed exactly what I was looking for.


Mistress Lola already has a lot of experience, doing custom clips on request for many of her clients - you can get a glimpse of that on her clips4sale store - and now she gives you the chance to produce your very own video, based on your ideas, in which she will appear with you. Not only has she a deep understanding of every fetish / BDSM themed scenario you can think of, she also has the technical know-how to get the best results regarding camera angles and lighting and she is great at editing the footage, creating a coherent storyline, exactly as per your ideas. She also is very helpful, bringing in her own ideas and suggestions, that without a doubt will improve the final result. 


Above all, what made this a hugely rewarding experience is that Mistress Lola seemed to enjoy this every bit as much as I did. It was great fun for both of us and despite being a little different from your usual sessions - due to the camerawork and revisiting the scenarios - it was always light-hearted and although we never strayed far from the actual script, there was always time for a few laughs and good conversation along the way. 


While Mistress Lola is exceptionally beautiful in real life, it has to be said that she looks absolutely stunning on camera, you just can't take your eyes off her, almost makes you forget that you are in the video, too… Last, but by no means least, you can be 100 % assured, that if you wish, this video will only be between you and her, for nobody else to see. You will have a very personal souvenir of a great experience, that still makes you want to come back for further sessions with Mistress Lola.

I met with Mistress Lola looking to experience a roleplay session for the first time and to be taken completely out of my comfort zone which is something that she most certainly did! Mistress really made the roleplay her own and added plenty of twists to keep me on my toes, gradually manipulating me until I was feminised, bound at her feet and completely at her mercy. During the session I was subjected to plenty of pain and really had my limits pushed however Mistress, while remaining firmly in control, always made sure I was ok. Eventually I was allowed to be smothered by Mistresses perfect, latex clad body in what really was an incredible end to the session.


 In conclusion the session was everything I asked for and more. Mistress took my brief roleplay outline and gave it all her own unique twist. I feel privileged to have been able to serve Mistress Lola and to have been able to share such a fantastic experience with her.

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