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Hello all,

As promised, today’s blog entry is full of tips on how to make a successful application to serve Me (littered with a little eye candy for those of you who just come here to perv).

Here is a little snapshot of My application form.

Right click ‘Open Image In New Tab’ to see more clearly the questions and instructions.

A fair few of the questions I ask (such as ‘Name’, ‘Email’ and ‘How much are you able to be marked?’) are pretty self-explanatory. So today, I am going to give some tips on how to fill out the other fields, with some examples of a ‘bad answer’ alongside a ‘good answer’.

  • Describe your Ideal Session Activities and any Hard Limits

You don’t need to write Me a dissertation, but the more detailed you can be in this section the better. This is My opportunity to see exactly how compatible W/we are. If you’re an experienced player, list your favourite fetishes or specific scenarios which have blown you away in the past. If you’re a novice, tell Me what turns you on most when you’re watching fetish films. Refer to My fetishes page, or to any of My clips you have seen, loved, and wish to recreate. If you have any hard limits, be sure to include them too.

Bad Answer: Lot’s of strap on, plus whatever you want Mistress. No hard limits. 

Asking for something I don’t offer (listed as being a ‘limit’ in the section you wrote this in) and/or telling Me ‘whatever I want’ is a sure fire way to get ignored. It gives Me no indication as to what you are like or whether W/we would have fun. It doesn’t even give Me enough information to make a recommendation to a Mistress more suited to you.

Good Answer: I am relatively new to the scene, however I have previously tried orgasm control/denial and chastity with my ex girlfriend and very much enjoyed it! I see your speciality is ‘ruined orgasms’ and would very much love to experience this under your expert guidance. Everything under the ‘Training’ section on your fetishes page appeals to me and I would love to explore this more too. Unfortunately I have a low pain threshold and would prefer only mild marking, and so needles, electrics, caning and so on I feel these may all be too intense for me. 

I would be immediately impressed with an application including something like this. Clear, concise, showing that you’re read My website and are aware of My likes. I very often read through My applications just before conducting a session, and this gives Me a fantastic run down of what I can and cannot explore during O/our play.

  • Preferred date, start time and duration (1 hour minimum)

You would think this would be an easy question, but unfortunately this probably causes Me more headaches than all the others combined! My availability is cleared outlined in this section. This is also alongside a note that I need 24 hours notice for all My sessions. Whilst I don’t always need something as specific as ‘Monday 4th December at 13.00 for 2 hours’, I do need some idea of your schedule so I can make sure it aligns with Mine.

Bad answer: Today, anytime. 30 minutes.
Bad answer: Friday. 7pm. 3 hours.

Both of these ignore My availability completely. The first, asking for a same day booking for less than My minimum session time, would likely not get a response at all. The second one might, depending upon the rest of the application. However, My response would mostly be Me detailing My (already clear) availability, which just seems a waste of time for all involved. I am not a fan of unnecessary email ping pong!

Good answer: Monday or Tuesday evenings around 18.00, for 1.5 hours. 
Good answer: Your next available Saturday, ideally around 13.00 for 2 hours. Please let Me know when you are free along with deposit details. 

As would an answer requesting a specific date/time when I am clearly available, both of these would also get a response. Applications which show flexibility, or acknowledge they are asking for a time I am unavailable and are able to pay a deposit, make My life and scheduling much easier (and your application far more likely to be successful!)

  • Outfit Request?

A fairly simple question, but I unfortunately very frequently get…

Bad answer: Nude

It states in the form, and in numerous other parts of My website, I don’t offer this. I wouldn’t respond to this application.

Good answer: I love latex, especially latex stockings.
Good answer: Anything you like, your gallery suggests I could not be disappointed!

Taking the opportunity to reveal your predilection for a certain form of clothing is most welcome. And flattery never goes unnoticed 😉

  • Do you have any other questions/requests/disclosures?

This is your chance to either tell Me anything you think I should know, or ask something you haven’t been able to find on My website. More often than not, this is filled with questions I’ve already answered in My FAQ’s. At the very least, taking a minute to browse over these is really helpful before submitting an application, especially if you do not have time to read through My entire website.

Bad answer: Where are you based? Is there parking?

Already answered in My FAQs.

Good answer: I would love for another Domme to join us for this session, if possible could you please enquire at the chambers to see who is available?
Good answer: I had surgery around 2 years ago and so sometimes have problems with my right knee. If possible I would like to not spend much time on my knees/crawling as a result. 

Either asking for more information specific to your session, or making Me aware of something that could impact upon your enjoyment, is perfect to include in this section. It’s also equally fine to leave this section blank if you have nothing you want to ask or tell.

Lastly, the final tip I can give you with regards to making a successful application… wait patiently for a response. If you haven’t received a reply within 3 working days you can assume that you have been unsuccessful. If that is the case, you are welcome to respectfully apply again in the future. However, harassing Me is a sure fire way not only to be ignored but to be blacklisted completely. I cannot stress this enough. Even if your application was otherwise perfect, if you then emailed Me everyday asking if I have received it and when am I going to reply, you will be ignored. Part of being a respectful submissive is understanding that you are not entitled to a session with Me.

So, now you’ve learned how to make a great first impression, go ahead and send your application… 🙂

Slave Application Form

Until next time…

Mistress Lola

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